Bookkeeping Services

quickbooks_xero_certified_pro_sidexsideOur bookkeepers are university graduates trained in accounting and managed by team leaders who are QuickBooks Online and/or Xero Certified Pro Advisors. A specialized bookkeeper will be assigned to your business and will service your account to maintain continuity of service. Therefore, your bookkeeper will know your business and your spending patterns which will allow them to better recognize unusual account activity. Our bookkeepers, along with our client relations team, will constantly be available to answer any questions you may have. We utilize the leading cloud based bookkeeping applications (Quickbooks Online and Xero) and utilize secure software protocols to give your business private and secure professional service. We can provide you with peace of mind and save you money, time, and effort. So, let us handle all your bookkeeping needs so you can focus on what’s important, growing your business!

Single 3 Step Process
1. Select

out_book_pros_bookkeeping_choose_usSelect your monthly payment plan and choose a starting date. We have three (3) plans to choose from: Basic, Standard, and Pro. The Pro package comes with payroll processing for up to five (5) employees. The Basic and Standard plans have an optional upgraded option for payroll processing. The Payroll option is priced at an additional cost of $25/month per employee or $75/month for up to five (5) employees. For more information regarding which plan is best for your company, please speak to one of our account representatives.

2. Setup


out_book_pros_bookkeeping_great_dealOnce you determine which plan is best for your company, we will send you our “client services agreement” and our “company information sheet” which is where you will provide information regarding your company. You will then meet your remote bookkeeper online who will be available to answer any questions regarding set up. We value our relationship with you and your company, and we know that trust, privacy, and professionalism are the foundations for any partnership. Therefore, we only hire university graduates and certified bookkeepers, and we use secure protocols and technology such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, SmartVault, Dropbox, and Stripe. Once you meet your bookkeeper, constant communication and cooperation will be our top priority.

3. Take Off

out_book_pros_bookkeeping_grow_with_us On your starting date we immediately start managing your accounts, reconciling your books, and will provide you with financial statements so you can see how your business is doing. So sit back and let us save you time and money, so you can focus on your sales and clients!